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for ross mirkarimi. >>> the plan to punish riders who pay in cash. >> and he's not just any fan. what sets this 49er faithful apart from all the rest of you? good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm dana king. tonight, san francisco's new sheriff booked on charges of domestic violence. >> those charges against ross mirkarimi stem from accusations that he physically abused his wife new year's eve. the charges are domestic violence battery, child endangerment, and dissuading a witness. mirkarimi and his wife both vowed to fight them. >> i believe these charges are very unfounded and we'll fight these charges and i'm confident that in the end that we will succeed in showing the missteps. >> this is -- i want to say this is unbelievable. i don't have any complaint against my husband. we are together and we're fighting. we are going to fight this. >> not above the law like anybody else. >> what does all this mean for the sheriff right now? linda yee explains the charges and what mirkarimi now has to face. linda. >> ken, the da says he doesn't relish filing criminal charges against the s
. >>> tears and frustration following this afternoon's hearing involving san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. ktvu's rob roth is live with the troubling e-mail posh cuters reveal. >> reporter: the hearing ended a short time ago. ross mirkarimi asked the judge to allow him to see his wife and sun but the judge said no. >> reporter: this was him an hour ago after he heard the judge's decision. >> i am -- i am incredibly disappointed to say the least. this has been enormously crushing, the fact that i haven't been able to see my family. be with my wife, be with my son. this is cruel. >> reporter: ross mirkarimi's wife, ellana lopez, left the court in tears without comment. the judge issued an order keeping him away from his family but the prosecutor opposed his request to see his family. she said ellana lopez send an e- mail saying ross mirkarimi watched their son for two hours and the boy was not fed, left in a car and was wet. his attorney said a report said evidence of emotional abuse were unfounded. he is charged with domestic violence, endangering a child and dissueding a wins. >> i will f
up an hour ago but it was an emotional hearing. ross mirkarimi broke down in here tears -- broke down in tears. >> reporter: this was the scene as san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi entered the courtroom today to answer to domestic violence charges. he pled not guilty today to domestic violence battery. it stemmed from an altercation in which he grabbed and bruised his wife's arm, ellana lopez. ellana lopez came to court today. she told the judge she wants her husband back home today. i think the violence against me is i don't have my family with me. prosecutors revealed text messages ellana lopez sent to a neighbor indicated ellana lopez wanted to change the locks on her home and wanted to know whether police would arrest ross mirkarimi. prosecutors said a video shows ellana lopez displaying a bruise and saying we need help. they argued the bruise was because of a argument. the judge granted a protective order and order ross mirkarimi to surrender his guns. supporters say the case may have a political underpinning. >> they have wanted to be together and have been together. >> repor
today. >>> san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is scheduled to appear in court again this morning as the domestic violence case against him moves forward. the mayor is asking if the sheriff can still do his job? amy hollyfield is live at the hall of justice with the latest. >> reporter: i don't know if ross mirkarimi reads the san francisco chronicle. if he does, he's got to be feeling the pressure building for him to step aside while he settles this case and deals with it in court. the chronicle quoting mayor lee as saying he questions whether ross mirkarimi can serve the people of san francisco while distracted by these serious charges. today, the chronicle is quoting a criminal justice professor as saying mirkarimi should step aside. mirkarimi has denied that he abused his wife. he faces three misdemeanor charges. prosecutors say they have video evidence of a bruise on his wife's arm from where mirkarimi grabbed her during an argument on new year's eve. his wife says, she has no complaint and believes this is all politically motivated. mirkarimi is due in court this morning. he
against ross mirkarimi. amy hollyfield joins us from tampa city hall with more. >> reporter: good morning. a spokeswoman here says ross mirkarimi is here at work but doesn't want to . his wife has plenty to say. for the first time iliana=c2/ lopez is saying why she thinks ross mirkarimi is being charged with domestic violence-related crimes and who she thinks is to blame for his situation. she made the s to to -- comments to a venezuelan radio station. >> ross mirkarimi is a progressive who isn't backed by the powerbrokers of california. there's people with a lot of the money behind this political fight. the richest in california are this. they can't stand that a progressive, who ran a campaign with very little money, won the election for sheriff. >> reporter: investigators say lopez confided in her neighbor, ivory madison. according to court documents lopez told madison that mirkarimi went ballistic during an argument that he pushed and grabbed her and she had madison take pictures of a bruise he left on her arm. madison called police, not lopez. >> we must find out what her motives are
francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi, this time it saformer girlfriend. ktvu's david stevenson tell us the woman is comparing ross mirkarimi to a pitbull. >> reporter: the new allegations may be too old for charges but they could be used as evidence against the sheriff in his domestic violence case. >> reporter: an ex-girlfriend of san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi on sunday filed a police report, alleging he committed domestic violence after they began dating in 2007. it comes after ross mirkarimi pleaded not guilty to three counts of domestic violence against his wife ellana lopez. boycott deny the charnels. in the police report -- both deny the charges. in the police report, it says he shook her, grabbed her and bruised one of her arms and the relationship ended after he admitted he got a woman in wednesday wednesday pregnant -- in venezuela pregnant. ross mirkarimi learned he will nase trial on february 24. >> i ask that -- he will face trial on february 24. i ask that everyone presumes i am innocent. >> reporter: he plans to meet with the sheriff this week about the scandal. >> our respo
violence charges against san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. stunning claims in his arrest warrant that may strengthen the case against the sheriff. amy hollyfield is live at city hall. >> reporter: according to the affidavit ross mirkarimi went ballistic and was pushing and grabbing and shoving his wife on new year's eve. according to the affidavit, his wife iliana lopez went to a neighbor's house and said she wanted to document everything that happened including using videotape so she would have evidence in case mirkarimi ever tried to get custody of the couple's son. a key piece of evidence is a videotape of lopes showing a bruise on her arm where she says mirkarimi grabbed her. according to records, mirkarimi told lopez he could take theo away because he's a powerful man in the court documents, another neighbor backs up the story and legal analysts say this is important. it makes the case stronger. especially if mirkarimi's wife refuses to testify. >> the victim, the spouse cannot be compelled to testify. but other witnesses can. if they come forward and they are sworn as witne
ross mirkarimi, here is more on the story. >> reporter: there are allegations from another woman against ross mirkarimi and those are physical, this comes just days after an ex- girlfriend filed a report four to five years ago. he pled not guilty for domestic violence charges and he has charges with all three women now. >> he has not physically abused anybody that he has had a relationship with. >> the mayor will look to see if heel step aside and he did not take pay during his trial and he will not be handling cases in the department. the sheriff will be back in court to try to get a protective order modified which currently bands him from seeing his two-year-old son and we will tell you about a rally that will happen here at the hall of justice and we will tell you who is expected to show up for that. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >> now it appears if a judge will decide if santa clara voters will get to vote on a new stadium. they voted last week to put the issue back on the ballot and they met that with several thousand signatures. they want to build another one next to
wasn't going to let anything stop that. >> reporter: ross mirkarimi was charged with domestic violence, child indangerousment and persuading a witness. both say there was no abuse. ross mirkarimi shared the room today with mayor ed lee who told us he is launching a independent review of the case. >> require me to determine whether there is misconduct. >> reporter: it allows lee to remove ross mirkarimi from office for misconduct. observers say it puts the mayor in an awkward position. >> we have an officer of the court who has charges against him. problematic. >> i am against bringing down anybody who has done so much good for the community. >> reporter: some suggested he appoint a temporary successor. >> if i were him i would step aside during the trial. you know, fight to prove his incense in that way. if he is exonerated come back. >> reporter: ross mirkarimi this morning indicated he has no intentions of stepping down. arraignment is thursday afternoon here at the hall of justice. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> four separate fires burned in the bay area over the past 24
. >>> this morning san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is expected to be arraigned on three misdemeanor charges, including domestic violence and child endangerment. >>> san francisco police have a warning for 49er fans. if you are going to sunday's playoff game, behave.çc >>> i'm live in the newsroom with what could be an exciting announcement for teachers and students who are tired of lugging around heavy backpacks. what is apple up to now? >>> it is 4:30 that you for waking up and join us, i'm kristen sze. >>> i'm eric thomas. cold start to the morning. so far we haven't had rain. >> that is on the way. >>> here we are with live doppler. good morning. you can see how quiet it is. clouds increasing. temperatures starting to rise as more humid and warm air mass is starting to take over. during the overnight hours heaviest of the rain still to our north as far south as ukiah. radar returns on the sonoma county coast now. that's about. scattered light rain possible in the north bay during the morning hours. i still think our heaviest rain is afternoon and evening hours tomorrow's storm will be s
charges, expecting charges to be filed against sheriff ross mirkarimi. as soon as the news conference begins we'll eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee there he is, poised to discover plum amazins, the amazing alternative to raisins and cranberries with more fiber, less sugar, and a way better glycemic index. he's clearly enjoying one of the planet's most amazing superfruits. hey, keep it down mate, you'll wake the kids. plum amazins. new, from sunsweet. >>> sky 7 hd was above candle stick park today. the grounds keepers got ready for the big game. >>xdmy andd- abc joins frus san francisco restaurant that is welcoming saints fans this afternoon. wayne? >> yes. saints fans. do you know how reporter stantdz outside of the bar and there is a crowd instidside? everyone is yelling and screaming? there is a scene right now. you won't believe your eyes when looking inside. saints fans well, they were here just a little while ago. apparently they wore themselves out saying they'll be back. it's been a strange day. around san francisco, nothing but questions. that is revor, first will fans buy this jacket? >>
francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi have been released. they layout the case against him and include allegations of shoving, pulling and grabbing. >>> here's a live look at the bay bridge over san francisco quiet and calm not as cold as yesterday i'll show you temperatures before you head out. [ inaudible ] >>> live shot of the san mateo bridge. taillights in the westbound direction when you get to the other side you will find a stall on 101. another stall in san jose all that coming up. >>> wait until the afternoon commute when the rain starts to come in. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. >>> i'm eric thomas this saturday 1500 oakland city workers have dreaded for -- this is the day 1500 oakland city workers have dreaded for months. the pink slips go out today that is not the size of the group that will be laid off, right? >> reporter: we are going to be finding out next week. starting today for one week work 1500 employees will be on edge thinking they might be the ones who lose their job. when it is said and done 200 employees will be gone not much peace of mind for these 150
sheriff ross mirkarimi accused of keeping his wife isolated in their home for 18 hours to prevent them from talking t police. lisa washington has more. >> reporter: good morning. the assistant district attorney will have to convince the court that the video and statements from neighbors should be admissible in court under some exceptions to the hearsay rule. sheriff ross mirkarimi is charged with three misdemeanor accounts including domestic violence, child endangerment and dissuading a witness. that's after prosecutors say he assaulted his wife in front of their 2-year-old son and kept her isolated inside the house so she wouldn't call police. mirkarimi's wife eliana lopez has not cooperated with authorities and she insists her husband did not abuse her. but the neighbor ivory madison took that video that the prosecution wants to use as evidence. the assistant district attorney says the video is a candid glimpse of the victim suffering. mirkarimi's attorney told the "san francisco chronicle," we will be objecting to the admission of the out of court statement including the video. ross
to dave and pam. >>> ross mirkarimi is due in court today. tara moriarty is in san francisco with new developments in this domestic violence case, tara? >> reporter: nobody knows why ross mirkarimi and his attorney parted ways did it end badly, we will never know the answers but one thing is for sure, ross mirkarimi cannot look back because he is due in court and he is trying to get a judge to modify or lift a stay away order one that prevents him from seeing his wife and son. robert wagner is off the case and the sheriff's' new attorney said she will not try this case in the media but rather the court. she writes we are confident ross mirkarimi will be i will life waited from -- will be exonerated from these accusations for this dice bought with his -- distribute with his wife on new year's eve. they released the 24th trial and topping the list she has refused to cooperate. christina flores claims the sheriff abused her. his guns were forced to be turned over and because he is such a vocal advocate of gun control many are surprised about this. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >>> b
of supervisors can remove ross mirkarimi for misduct. he launched his own review. >> keep an open mind. i am getting advice and reviewing the facts. it is not my duty to take the charges. where have to have my own review. >> reporter: ross mirkarimi reaffirmed he will not step aside. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> reporter: at 6:00, what residents say he needs to do right now. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> police are looking at joseph naso as a possible suspect in a cold case. joseph naso is already on trial in marine county, accused of murdering four women. police are investigating a note found at joseph naso-home that mentions their town. they want to know if it ties into a homicide there in the 1980s. ktvu's noelle walker talked to police who are now conducting tests on the body. >>> police are looking for a 14- year-old boy who nay believe committed two sexual assaults. law prevents us from releasing his picture because he is a juvenile. at 5:30, ktvu's rita williams will tell us what information he learned today and why police took th
around ross mirkarimi took a step forward today. he pleaded not guilty today. david stevenson is live with more. >> reporter: look behind me. court has just wrapped up. it was an emotional day as ross mirkarimi and his wife both shed tears as they fought to allow to bring him back to his house. take a look. this was the situation with a lot of press. it was a circus like atmosphere as ellana lopez entered the court, she was followed by ross mirkarimi. he pled not guilty to one count of domestic violence, one count of endangering a child and one count of dissueding a witness. it stemmed from a altercation in which he grabbed her arm hard enough to give her a bruise. today ellana lopez said she is not a victim. she told the judge she said the violence is that i don't have my husband with me. this is the real violence. prosecutors called for another protective order. they said it wasn't the first incidence of abuse. they revealed text messages indicated elt'em wanted to change -- ellana lopez wanted to change on thlocks on her -- change the locks on her home after the altercation with ro
, advisories and i'll tell you where those are. >>> i'm amy hollyfield in if, ross mirkarimi is due in court this morning. some are questioning whether he can run the sheriff's office while appearing as a defendant in his own criminal case. >>> good morning thank you for joining us i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. >>> i'm eric thomas. we begin on the storm watch after a night of steady rain has left roads slick and potentially dangerous. >> drivers are being warned to expect ponding and a slow commute. let's get the latest on the storm's path from meteorologist mike nicco. >> driving into work 20 miles per hour, slower than normal, hydroplaning a little every once in a while so please be careful, a lot of water on the roads. you can see the best radar returns to the north let's start there with moderate to possibly brief heavy rain even small hail. east bay valleys most of the weather pushing out into the central valley watch out coming over the altamont pass showers redeveloping off the san francisco coast about to move in showers higher elevations around the santa clara valley nothin
hollyfield live in san francisco, the sheriff ross mirkarimi is due in court today. some are starting to question whether he can effectively run the sheriff's office while dealing with his own criminal case. >>> also, 49er heartbreak. over time fumble cost the 9ers the nfc championship and a shot at the super bowl >>> oakland police search for a gunman who gave officers the slip during a standoff. >>> good morning thanks for joining us i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. first a check on the weather. meteorologist mike nicco is following the rain. >>> pretty heavy last night it definitely woke me a couple of down -- woke me up a couple of times. first overall picture, a lot of green on this radar. some hanging around the bay isolated. where we find the heaviest rain now up here in the north bay, also -- possibility of small hail and lightning out of these storms the last push moving through now in the north bay this will slide south and east should cover most of the bay all of us are going to deal with wet weather during the morning commute and breezy conditions
let's go back to the desk. >>> a third woman is coming forward against sheriff ross mirkarimi and tara moriarty joins us with exclusive information, tara? >> reporter: we are waiting to see when those allegations surfaced and another woman has information that may include physical abuse during their relationship. ross mirkarimi is going to court to try to change a protective order so he can see his two-year-old son. he is currently facing domestic violence charges against his wife and she is denying the charges. his ex-girlfriend alleged they had a physical argument four to five years ago. >> he did have a relationship, it ended poorly, it was a few years ago and he has not spoken to her in three years and he denies having abused her during that relationship. >> he met during the discussion possibly stepping aside during his trial. mirkarimi said he will not take a temporary releaf, he also said he will not be handling discipline cases for sheriffs during this time. reporters are expected to hold a rally which will include his wife. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >>> an ov
. >> ross mirkarimi met with the mayor telling him he has no plans to step aside. the sheriff was not eager to elaborate. >> dana king, consider this. we are talking about an elected official. as you just mentioned, ross mirkarimi was running for city supervie supervisor and recently, sheriff. mirkarimi is running from our news cameras and i mean that literally. >> as sheriff, he swore to uphold the law, now ross mirkarimi is on the wrong side of the law with a domestic case law led with a late afternoon meeting with the mayor. in fact, cbs 5 cameras were forced to run down a 4th floor city hall corridor in pursuit of mirkarimi, all because the newly elected sheriff dashed from mayor's lee's office up not one, but two flights of stairs. unable to outrun our camera man, a sweating breathless mirkarimi offered this account. >> we were both talking about the need to make sure that the job of the department gets done. >> just yesterday, mayor ed lee told cbs 5, mirkarimi grabbed and bruised his life, followed by a new accusation that she was roughed up by the sheriff is just distracting. t
with the embattled sheriff about his job. he wants to know if ross mirkarimi can give his full attention to the office while battling domestic violence charges. >> reporter: ross mirkarimi was in court this morning as a defendant. he didn't have anything to say about the matter. after appearing here he went to city hall to do his job as sheriff, that's the job the mayor is worried about. he wonders if mirkarimi can stiller is of the people of san francisco. with ross mirkarimi making his second court appearance mayor lee is questioning whether this case is taking too much time from the job as sheriff. the hair says he plans to talk to mirkarimi -- the mayor says he plans to talk to mirkarimi about the with situation but won't publicly ask him to step down. >> it is up to him. i will do my due diligence. but i think it is appropriate to ask him to make that consideration his own. it is his duties for the public. >> reporter: the sheriff did not answer questions about whether he could still be effective in his job while fighting criminal charges. he has said in the past, he will stay on th
, san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi returns to court today with a new attorney. mirkarimi wants a judge to lift a court order forcing him to stay away from his family. >>> state regulation ares set to prove new rules requiring 15% of new cars sold in california aid >>> good morning i'm lisa argen in for mike nicco. mild temperatures, despite that plenty of clouds and dense fog. >>> [ inaudible ] >>> 4:30, up and at 'em, foggy, cloudy. we are not describing mike's state of mind. -- >>> i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. >>> in oakland city leader's ears still ringing after a raucous meeting. the council had painful and unpopular vets by the time the dust cleared not much had been done. terry mcsweeney is live at city hall. the volume was up loud. >> reporter: it was a standing room only meeting here. 105 oakland city workers are going to be losing their job. it is going to be announced next week. some programs are going to be cut. a lot of people wondering how is that going to impact me? occupy protesters were here and broke up the meeting. take a look. the protesters forced th
that opportunity. i would also like to acknowledge supervisor ross mirkarimi to come up here just for a moment and say hello, and let me have christine close the program. >> good afternoon, everybody. it was a pleasure to listen to the last panel this afternoon. i am the chief of staff for mr. gascon, and i joined him when he moved over to the d.a.'s office. joining the office on his request, because i think we really have a unique perspective, having worked on the defense side and on policy issues, and i can attest that he is undertaking a wholehearted effort to really bring some reform to the criminal justice system on many fronts, this being one of them that we are evaluating. i hope that you as city and county residents will see in our work that we really take some efforts that will reform. anybody that has participated in the criminal justice system for any length of time knows that it does not work from whatever and will you are looking at it, so the question is how do we make it better? we hope to engage all of you in that. we are starting neighborhood courts, and a lot of efforts that
. >> ross mirkarimi is due back here in court, trying to get that restraining order lifted so he can be reunited with his wife and son. it's unclear and yes, the face kais is becoming more complicated as yet another woman comes forward. when ross mirkarimi walks into court this man will not be by his side. the attorney told us he's no longer on this case. he says he will noi -- lidia stiglich will represent the sheriff. he had other defendants including a mother accused of leaving her young son alone when he was mauled by family pit bulls. the mayor worries it's becoming a distraction. yesterday, he met one on one with the sheriff. >> these are again, serious allegations and some additional reports surfaced. i think that causes more time to be had on this. i know he's bang in court. on several occasions. >> and another bomb shell. a source tells abc 7 a third accuser surfaced and willing to testify against mirkarimi. it's unclear if she's on a list of potential witnesses prosecutors plan to call. she told a neighbor mirkarimi bruised her arm on new year's eve. the neighbor ivory madi
to congratulate ross mirkarimi, our [applause] let me tell you a little bit about our next sheriff. he was born in chicago to a person american father and a jewish russian-american mother. he has the pleasure of her being here today. nancy, if you could please stand up and say hello to everyone? that would be wonderful. [applause] sheriff mirkarimi graduated from the san francisco police academy and was president of his class after moving to san francisco over 28 years ago. prior to being elected to the board of supervisors, he served in the san francisco district attorney's office, investigating white-collar crime. as a member -- yes, please. [applause] as a member of the board of supervisors, sheriff mirkarimi has been an outspoken advocate for policies and programs that increase public safety for all san francisco. [applause] among his many accomplishments on the board, the sheriff offered legislation that created the state communities reentry council, coordinating local efforts to break the cycle of crime by giving former offenders the tools that they need to get back on the right path. he
anunci que presentarn 3 cargos penales de delito menor contra ross mirkarimi. ---los cargos son: violencia intrafamiliar. ---poner en peligro la vida de un menor. ---y.... de disuadir a un testigo. ---la fiscalia tambien le ha pedido a mirkarimi, que se entregue lo mas pronto posible. ---de ser asi, su primera comparecencia ante un juez, podria ser el proximo martes. ----pero, cuales son las opciones legales que tiene el jefe del alguacil? pilar niÑo nos dice en el siguiente reportaje... take pkg take pkg aunque el recien posesionado alguacil de san francisco, ross mirkarimi sea acusado formalmente de un cargo menor por violencia domestica, esto no quiere decir que estaria legalmente impedido para ejercer su puesto, dice este analista legal. julio ramos/abogado y analista legal 10:28 una persona por ser acusado no tiene que rendir su cargo publico 10:34 9:37 si el puede seguir sirviendo como sheriff de la ciudad legalmente sin embargo agrega que le sera dificil sobrevivir politicamente 6:37 el sheriff de la ciudad es la persona responsable de mantener las carceles, y las person
charged with battering his wife -- san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi could face removal he >>> good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. >>> charged with battering his wife, san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi could face removal from office. the city's mayor could play a critical roll in that. last week, ed lee had a wait- and-see attitude. >> you know, they are serious allegations. i'm gonna refrain from making any comments. >> if he's charged, should he step aside? >> it's not for me to comment. >> and the charges have been file and mayor lee is still being cautious. >> we believe that these charges are very unfounded, and we will fight these charges. >> and as -- and as san francisco's new politician does that, ross mirkarimi is facing domestic violence battery, child endangerment and dissuading a witness, less than a week after being sworn in. he was booked into the same jail he oversees. >> this kind of trouble, one of the most dangerous kinds of trouble for anyone, in terms of domestic battery, spousal abuse, there is something that there is a zero-tolerance for in san fran
refuses to step aside. >> those allegations of abuse against his wife have pushed ross mirkarimi and his family into the national spotlight. anne makovec is live in san francisco with mixed reaction from the people he is sworn to protect. >> reporter: it is certainly the talk of the town and here at city hall, everybody has an opinion about whether or not sheriff ross mirkarimi should step down or go on administrative leave while this domestic violence case is being worked out. we know that today there's going to be a list of witnesses presented to the lawyers in this case. and if we think these people are talking, those are the ones who are going to have something to say. sheriff ross mirkarimi will return to court tomorrow asking a judge to remove a stay-away order preventing him from contacting his wife and son. in the meantime, he is keeping his job as san francisco sheriff although he turned in his guns and will recuse himself from disciplinary proceedings against deputies while his case is pending and will forego pay on days he is at trial. many thing he should forego his job. >> t
on the phone. she says yes, she is willing to testify against mirkarimi if court. as ross mirkarimi made his sek appearance in court a second woman has come forward to accuse him of domestic violence. a former girlfriend filed a police report yesterday, told me today she wanted to show this is a part of a pattern. she says they dated from 2007 to 2008 and in one incident, quote he pushed me up against a wall, grabbing my arm and yelling. and according to documents his wife says he bruised her arm during a new year's eve argument. today they moved toward a speedy trial, his lawyer says the case is overblown. >> there are a number of reason yz in terms of the investigation and amount of evidence that exists. >> the new sheriff said nothing to reporters. >> mayor ed lee is openly questioning whether this will prevent mirkarimi from doing his job. >> my, i think it's appropriate to ask him to make that consideration on his own. and this is because its his responsibility. >> he heads back to court thursday trying to get that orderer to stay way from his family lifted. last week the judge issued a
his father. ellana lopez said she wants ross mirkarimi to return home. >> i will continue to commit to fight this. as i said from moment one, the only way i can is to let this process unfold and do so here in the courts. >> reporter: today ed lee said he isn't asking ross mirkarimi to take a leave of absence. >> this is up to him. i think he has the responsibility. >> reporter: ross mirkarimi is charged with three misdemeanors. the trial is scheduled to start next month. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> police say a body was found today on stanford property. a construction worker discovered the man's body about noon. police say the man had been deceased for a while but the coroner hasn't determined how long. they creted the area as a crime scene. -- they treated the area as a crime scene. >>> he was a member of a team of narcotic's officers, he was taken into custody today after pleading guilty to 9 felonies. in court today he accused his co-defendants of similar crimes. >>> san francisco police arrested dozens of violent criminals. ktvu's ken prit
for ross mirkarimi? one of leaders of domestic violence consortium was a member of transition city hall. now she is calling on him to resign. >> they are turning up the heat on ross mirkarimi. these protestors in san francisco domestic violence consortium say the newly elected sheriff should resign or step down while being investigated. >> he has does nothing to ensure that it is safe for them to come forward when one our chief law enforcement officers has this hanging over him. >> reporter: his wife suffered a bruised arm when her husband grabbed her on new year's eve. a video taken by a neighbor as well as text messages are in the hands of investigators. critics are incensed how mirkarimi characterized the alleged incident. >> a private matter, a family matter. >> it was taken out of context. this is completely wrong. >> it is not a family matter. it is not a private matter. the neighbor that called the police is not quote, unquote, out of line. >> according to mirkarimi's attorney the comments are being misunderstood. >> his comment was that, okay, domestic violence investigation can
a firearm. stems from new word that ross mirkarimi is looking like he will be charged with domestic violence against his wife. terry mcsweeney is live with the latest. >> reporter: according to this morning's san francisco beyond cull it is now likely that d.a. george gascon will be filing misdemeanor domestic violence violence charges against ross mirkarimi. if he is convicted on those charges, he would be the only sheriff this state of california to not be able to carry a handgun. take a look at pictures from last weekend. ross mirkarimi being sworn in as sheriff. this incident began new year's eve. mirkarimi allegedly grabbed his wife's arm with such force he left a bruise on it. allegedly, the wife iliana lopez had a neighbor document it with video and the two exchanged text messages. police got a search warrant and obtained all of that. we talked with the district attorney over the weekend. >> i think if we deal with this like with any other case politics will step to the side. obviously, we have a law enforcement official and that adds to the complexity. we want to do the right thing.
are investigating a sex accusation of abuse against san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. the woman says she dated him in 2007 and 2008. during that time she said that he showed auramining pitbull aggressiveness and in one incident he pinned her against the wall, bruising her arm. ross mirkarimi has been charmed following a similarity accusation on new year's eve. a neighbor reported the incident. the wife denies anything happened in february -- this february ross mirkarimi will go to trial. this coming thursday he will be back in court to fight a protective order. >>> the police arrested 29 people that 49ers game on sunday. 16 outside of the stadium. 13 inside. crimes varied from drunkenness and to threatening an officer. 110 people were ejected from the game. in san jose, fans got into a fight after the game. one person said the giants fans taunted the 9ers fans. not clear if any arrests were made. >>> a man that killed four women in the 1970s and 1990s will go to trial. prosecutors found joseph naso dna on a couple of victims. he has been connected to all four cold cases. today a judge ordered
mirkarimi's -- ross mirkarimi. >> i'm extremely hampy to -- happy to announce the replacement for ross mirkarimi. she's a former resident of the san francisco planning commission. she will represent district 5 which includes the lower haight- ashbury and parts of the inner sunset neighborhoods. the man who previously had that job but he begins with what he calls a cloud hanging under him. the district attorney's office is investigating that he abused his wife. a neighbor gave video and cell phone text that says she says -- that she says proves he hurt her wife's arm. she was by his side' took the office. >>> the fda is warning people about a possible drug mixup that could be dangerous. they say if you have any of these over the counter pills -- >> the expiration date is 12 -- 12/20/2014, you can nowed news them -- you should not use them. you can contact the company for a refund. >>> an australian woman look for a thrill in africa got a lot more than she expected. it was new year's eve. erin langworthy was bungee jump ming when you see right there -- jumping when you see right there, t
, and his family, ross mirkarimi. [applause] [cheers] elean. theo. hold up your right hand, please. you, too, theo. >> i, ross mirkarimi, do swap -- solemnly swear that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of california against all enemies foreign and domestic. that i will bear true faith and allegiance to the constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of california. i take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion. i will well and faithfully discharge the duties upon which i am about to enter. during the time that i hold the office of sheriff of city and county of san francisco. congratulation>> congratulation. [cheers and applause] >> believe it or not, this is one of the happiest days of my life. [cheers and applause] thank you, mayor. thank you for being a dear friend. thank you forswearing me in. thank you very much to all of you. i am going to begin by introducing my family again. i know that they have been introduced before, but they mean some much to me. please ack
thursday, january 26th. i'm frank mallicoat. and i'm grace lee. time is 6-- sheriff ross mirkarimi will have a new lawyer with him when he goes to court today. anne makovec explains the san francisco sherifff is fighting to be reunited with his family. "..." you can pull sound from matier's 6pm pkg. it's pasted on the wrongful death suit. 45- year- old charles hill was shot and killed at bart's civic center station in san franicsco july third. officials say he had threatened officers with a knife and a bottle before he was shot. "the contra costa times" reports hill's brother is suing the transit agency for unspecified damages. oakland police want help finding 36-year- old remon mcdaniel. they think he's the gunman .. responsible for the city's first homicide of 2012. mcdaniel is accused of killing 19- year- old isaac white in east oakland on january 4th. police say members of the community helped identify mcdaniel as the suspect. they also say he may have changed his hair since the murder. oakland jobs and programs on the line as city leaders deal with a big blow to the budget. an
sheriff ross mirkarimi will make his first court appearance to face domestic violence charges he will be watches over by the same bailiffs who work for him sheriff hopes he will be allowed to see his wife and son again after the hearing. >> reporter: stay away order has been in place, look for that to possibly be lifted today. that's one thing that ross mirkarimi will be fighting for, he's not pleased he's not able to see his wife and child. he's been ordered to stay away interest them. that has been in placed since he was -- charged last fry. charged with domestic violence battery, child endangerment and dissuading a witness. he's accused of hurting his wife in front of their child. she is now saying she has no complain against her husband and stands by him. she did go to a neighbor with her concerns. police now have two neighbors who saw something. even without her help, prosecutors say they still have a case. because of those witnesses and because of physical evidence. >> then there's the matter of that bruise. certainly these witnesses did not make up the bruise. if we want i
francisco where sheriff ross mirkarimi will be in court again today. this time he will have a new woman by his side. [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] >>> it is 5:00 on this thursday morning thanks for join us, i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. when sheriff ross mirkarimi shows up for his court appearance today he will have a new female attorney by his side. meantime, another accuser has come forward with damaging new domestic violence allegations. amy hollyfield is live at the hall of justice with more. >> reporter: a lot to cover today. let's start with what is happening today. ross mirkarimi will be back in court for his second court appearance this week. today these going to ask the judge to lift the stay away order that is in place or to at least amend it currently, mirkarimi is not allowed to get near his wife or his 2-year-old son. he will be going to court with a new woman by his side. she is mirkarimi's new attorney. he fired his attorney yesterday and did not say why. witness list for mistrial has been released and an ex-girlfriend is on the list, christina flores f
, january 26. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. >>> sheriff ross mirkarimi is going to have a new lawyer today in court. anne makovec explains the san francisco sheriff is fighting to be reunited with his family. anne joins from us san francisco. >>> reporter: good morning. today is a big deal with all the players involved. sheriff mirkarimi is being forced to stay away from his wife and son. they all want to be together as a family because she is denying the accusations. today's court hearing could lift that protective order. mirkarimi has only been in office since january 8 and is charged with three misdemeanor counts after an incident on new year's eve when he is accused of bruising his wife's arm in front of their 2-year-old son. he had to turn in his guns but despite public and political pressure, he is planning to stay on as sheriff although he says he wouldn't collect any pay during his trial which is set to start february 24. now, the list of witnesses came out yesterday including mirkarimi's wife eliana lopez but again she is so far denying the charges against him. mirkar
violence charge autos and lawyers for ross mirkarimi and the alleged victim argued over requests to drop an orderer to stay away from the family. and it has taken all afternoon. >> this did and this hearing just ended 10 minutes ago. and now he's being investigated by that very office. take a look at him arriving for his first court appear wrens today and he did plead not guilty to the misdemeanor charges and the alleged victim, his wife came to court today as well. and hoping to persuade the judge to lift the order keeping the family apart. mirkarimi has been staying with his friend art agnos. >> this is a monumental tragedy that testify stated the family. they want to be together and they're being deny that had opportunity. the son is missing his dad, wife is missing her husband, so is he, missing his wife. they need to get them together, again. >> the judge says she's not inclined to lift that order saying lopez is in a difficult position, living in the country just a couple years and lopez tried to persuade the judge, testifying quote the only gils violence against me is that i don't
with wou >>> san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi has his first court appearance tomorrow, but today, his venezuelan wife gave an interview to a radio station criticizing the investigation and again, denying any abuse. abc 7 is live in the newsroom with the story. >> she says her husband, ross mirkarimi planned to bring changes for minority and mentally ill inmates in the jails overseas and she says that made him a victim of political persecution. she is standing by her man and crusading on his behalf in the face of charges he abused her. >> there are people with a lot of money behind this fight. >> in an interview with a venezuelan radio station, lopez denounces the charges against her husband. newly elected sheriff ross mirkarimi has been booked on misdemeanor charges of domestic violence, battery, child endangerment and on the radio, lopez describes charges as political persecution with overtones of racism. ross mirkarimi is a progressive who isn't back bid power brokers in california. >> she claims the neighbor accusing mirkarimi of abuse is broke. ivory madison was the neighbor lopez
news. >>> sheriff ross mirkarimi has a new lawyer as he gets ready for his next court appearance. tara moriarty joins us from san francisco with the new developments in this domestic violence case. tara? >> reporter: nobody knows why the sheriff and his attorney parted ways and of course there is a lot of speculation and some wonder if that will impact the hearing. mirkarimi is supposed to ask the judge to lift or modify an order which prevents him from seeing his son and wife. robert wagner is now off the case and his new attorney is lydia. she wrote a letter saying she would not try this case in the media but in the court. she writes, once the case is separated from rumor and regrettably attention seekers we will solve this case. now yesterday, prosecutors released their witness list for the february 24th trial and topping that list is lopez and ex-girlfriend, christine lopez who claims the sheriff abused her. next on the list ivory madison who claims they had an incident with lopez. now his wife will be here to support him on the steps of justice, ktvu channel 2 news tara moriarty.
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